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Expert Attachment Producer

We produce cost-effective and durable attachments to make our customers’ jobs easier. We are proud to be the leading attachment manufacturer in Turkey and Europe.


Wide Product Range

We manufacture all of the attachments required by a wide range of machines such as Excavator, Loader, Backhoe Loader, Tele-handler, Personnel Lifter, Forklift in accordance with customer demands.

We offer solutions for all sectors such as construction, excavation, forestry, all kinds of recycling sectors, industry and agriculture.

Hydraulic quick-coupler, backhoe bucket, loader bucket, forklift fork, auger, hammer, grass trimmer, tree pruning saw, asphalt cutting saw, road sweeper, snow plow, log attachment, bale attachment, curb carrying grapple, cobblestone pavers bale clamp, side shifter, rotator, forklift fork positioner, all kinds of clamps, hardwood and keystone clamps, paper roll clamps, mechanical attachments, safety basket, straw bale clamp, log tongs, silage bale clamp and many more different products facilitate the work of our customers with our own design, production, spare parts and service.


Result Oriented Solutions

We develop economical, fast and efficient solutions with our experts in mechanics, hydraulics and design.


Sectoral Diversity

The special solutions we produce for the main sectors such as construction, mining, automotive, white goods, recycling, logistics, iron and steel, forestry, chemistry, paper, agriculture and livestock make us preferred.



We produce efficient and safe solutions for increasing labor costs and human health and safety that cannot be measured with anything, by saying “more mechanization – less muscle power”.

Long-Lasting and Robust Products

All of our products, from an ordinary digging bucket to 360-degree rotating attachments, are designed in the CAD environment, and their lifetime analyzes are made with the Finite Element Analysis method. Our products, designed withstand working conditions, are delivered to our customers after welding, machining, assembly, painting, quality control and function tests. All the raw materials used are supplied with traceability records from the best companies in the sector. Our factory, which has Quality Management System-ISO 9001 and Welding Quality Assurance-ISO 3834 certificates, carries out its production at world standards.